Biggest Loser Recap 4-6-10

Ohhhh poor Melissa! Game play is not going to be tolerated this season! I won’ t make any potential readers to wait… YES she got voted off last night.

I won’t go too much into the episode… just some highlights:

First up a oddball challenge was issued at the beginning of the week for a chance at immunity. The deal was they were given access to the scale (never done before) with a badge that had a number on it. The number represented the amount of pounds needed to lose 2% of their weight. The contestants were to push a button which would sound an alarm for all contestants to see if the “button pusher” indeed lost 2% of their weight and earned immunity. Only the first person to achieve this can earn immunity.

Day 3 of the week Victoria from the blue team checked her weight but was unable to put up the numbers needed. Later on day 3 another challenge was produced to contestants. They were placed in a pool with 1lb weights corresponding to their shirt color. Each contestant had to collect 100 weights no more than 2 at a time from the bottom of the pool back to their corresponding area for calculation of efforts. After each contestant completed their 100 weights they could assist another contestant to finish. The prize to finish first? 2 week stay at Biggest Loser Ranch at Fitness Ridge.

Sunshine won the challenge and a message was sent clear to Melissa as contestants helped everyone but her. The house does not want her brand of game play in the game any longer. Unfortunately this meant a 1 pound disadvantage at the weigh in. Her only hope would be to try to win the immunity that was still up for grabs or make up for the extra pound in some way.

After the challenge Koli & Sam got in a late night work out in hopes for one of them to obtain the immunity the following day. The next morning Melissa has similar hopes by getting in an early work out… however Sam got the jump and pushed the button first! Did he lose the 6 pounds needed? Not only did he lose the 6 pounds but he lost a total of 10 pounds! Go Sam!

So wrapping up the final weigh in… two of the larger guys (Koli & Daris) had low weight loss which made the other contestants nervous. In the end Andrea and Melissa fell below the yellow line. Of course Melissa went home!

The episode tonight did highlight some breakthrough changes with Sunshine. It wear apparent that food was a bond with her and her dad O’Neal. We use food in our family as a way of celebration; reward and other things. Tonights episode opened up a dialogue between my husband and I about ways we could change that to instill a different way of thinking with our children so they can be sure to have a healthier way of life by the choices they make. It’ll be fun to come up with other ways to celebrate than with food!


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