Biggest Loser Comments from 3-30-10 and other random thoughts

OMG – they let Melissa from the red team back in! Well she did win the challenge; good for her; but now the drama mamma is back!

Overall I was kinda disappointed in this weeks show. Sure folks are still losing weight but the heart strings just weren’t tugged at like normal. So I really don’t have much to comment on for Biggest Loser other than I really don’t see how Sam will loose much more weight to be able to compete – he’s getting so thin!

So other random thoughts… Go Buzz Aldrin! Dancing with the Stars oldest contestant. He’s an astronaut, suave dude that can’t dance worth spit; but LOVE his spunk!

Jillian Michaels (from Biggest Loser) tweets regarding people with kids challenges.

This challenge is SPECIFICALLY meant for those of you with kids. Get a sitter. Ask an extended family member to help out or watch the kids. I don’t care what you need to do… MAKE THE TIME! That is the point. That’s why it’s a challenge. NO EXCUSES!


Here’s a new challenge for you. For 24 hours put yourself totally and 100% first. Take time for yourself. Make doctors appointments. Hit the gym. Take a bubble bath. Do things you love. Buy yourself a small present. I want reports back!

OK seriously? For those people (self included) that do not have a strong support system nor the cash to afford a sitter for relaxing time… what do we do? How is that an excuse if you just don’t have the means? Get a stranger? Not going to happen. I think her heart is in the right place; but she’s really made quite a few people feel like crap because they realize something like the above just isn’t going to happen.

Obamacare: I guess it really doesn’t matter my opinion because it is law now. While I do not oppose helping those that need the help; I feel a few issues with it as it exists:

  1. Again we are throwing money at the result of a problem and not addressing the underlying problems that caused the issues/results in the first place.
  2. System is already broken for those with private health care; so now we will flood the slow system forcing those with private care to have to float out claims up to 6 months in some cases and absorb higher costs for the health care they are already receiving.
  3. Not enough physicians to see existing load of patients… now instead of getting in to the doctor within a week or a specialist within 3-6 months; it’s going to be even longer until the physician supply catches up to the new found demand via folks that now have healthcare.

I’m sure I have more to ramble about… but that’s my thoughts for today! Thanks for reading 🙂


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