What to do in THIS life (bucket list)

My version of a “life or bucket” list”. I broke it down to 3 major categories; then subcategories in each area from there.

Travel is very important to me as is Family, Home & Friends. So those two areas are major categories as is myself ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy! <updated thru 2/10/17>



  1. play paint ball
  2. go fishing
  3. drive a go kart
  4. climb a rock climbing wall
  5. do a sky diving experience
  6. go down a zip line
  7. Go Camping
  8. Visit Disney World
  9. Visit Sea World
  10. Visit Universal Studios
  11. Go to a circus
  12. Go to a rodeo
  13. Go to a zoo
  14. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  15. See LIVE a professional game/event of the following: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Nascar, Wrestling, Hockey
  16. Watch a live olympic event

Domestic outside of my immediate area (Northern Hemisphere)

  1. Visit Outer Banks of NC (Lighthouses)
  2. Play the slots in Vegas
  3. Go to Hershey PA & have chocolate beer and tour the chocolate factory
  4. Climb aย  small Mountain
  5. See Fenway Stadium
  6. Tour Boston
  7. Have a drink on Bourbon Street – New Orleans
  8. See a show on broadway in NY
  9. See the ball drop New Years in Times Square
  10. See the Grand Canyon
  11. See Niagra Falls
  12. See the Statue of Liberty
  13. Visit the White House/Washington DC
  14. Visit Disneyland
  15. Drive coast to coast – USA ๐Ÿ™‚
  16. Traveled all 50 US states
  17. Go to at least one US Territory
  18. Travel to Canada
  19. Travel to Mexico – see a bull fight
  20. Travel to Bahamas
  21. Travel to Jamaica
  22. Climb aย  LARGE Mountain
  23. Tour Salem and stay in a haunted location
  24. Stay in a bed & breakfast
  25. Stay in a cabin
  26. Stay in an igloo
  27. Stay in a hut (can be foreign if not domestic)
  28. Go to 10 different adventure parks and ride a roller coaster at each (as of 2014 – 8)
  29. Go to a theater
  30. Visit a famous museum (as an adult)

Foreign Travel

  1. See an active volcano
  2. Swim in 3 Oceans
  3. Stand on the international date line
  4. Russia
  5. England – see Big Ben
  6. Egypt – see the pyramids
  7. Italy – see vineyards; ride a gondola
  8. Japan – tour Sony!
  9. France – See the Eiffel Tower
  10. Ireland –
  11. Scotland – see the northern lights
  12. Brazil
  13. Austrailia
  14. Visit at least 4 continents
  15. Stay in a castle
  16. Space! The final frontier ๐Ÿ™‚
  17. The Moon

Methods of Travel

  1. Walk
  2. Bike
  3. Segway (more than 2 minutes)
  4. Personal water craft
  5. Canoe/Row Boat
  6. Car
  7. RV
  8. Bus – Charter
  9. Bus – Public
  10. Bus – commerical
  11. Subway
  12. “T” in Boston
  13. Train – day trip
  14. Train – overnight
  15. Helicopter
  16. Plane – commerical
  17. Plane – private/charter
  18. Boat – small private
  19. Boat – party style sized
  20. Boat – yacht
  21. Boat – cruise ship
  22. Horse
  23. Donkey
  24. Camel
  25. Elephant



  1. be kissed
  2. be kissed in the rain
  3. receive flowers
  4. kissed under mistletoe
  5. tell someone I love them
  6. Fall in love
  7. Find the one
  8. Get married
  9. be thrown a surprise party


  1. Sing Karaoke
  2. Dance on a stage in a bar
  3. Walk on the beach at night
  4. Walk/run in the rain
  5. Sleep under the stars
  6. See a tornado
  7. ride in a horse drawn carriage
  8. see a lunar eclipse
  9. watch a meteor shower
  10. go fruit picking with kids
  11. be in a costume contest
  12. request a song on the radio
  13. meet someone famous
  14. find a four leaf clover
  15. watch a sunrise
  16. watch a sunset (uninterrupted!) – San Francisco 2017!
  17. Go to a nudist beach (and be naked!)
  18. Pole dance
  19. Ride a roller coaster
  20. lie on the grass an enjoy the sun
  21. run through a corn field
  22. run through a cotton field
  23. paddle boat across a lake
  24. Go to a Pop Concert
  25. Go to a Rock Concert
  26. Go to a Country Concert
  27. See a symphony (not sure if local one counts)
  28. Have a food fight
  29. Parachute Jump
  30. See whales jumping in the ocean

Cooking passions

  1. Make homemade biscuits
  2. Make homemade gravy from scratch
  3. Make a full Thanksgiving Dinner (Turkey)
  4. Make a full Christmas Dinner (Ham)
  5. Make a full Easter Breakfast
  6. Cook “out” for Independence Day
  7. Make more than 20 types of mixed drinks
  8. Make a personal recipe book
  9. Host 4 types of social events with food at myย home: Murder Mystery, Classy, Wine/Cheese, Holiday Themed, other?
  10. Bake more than 20 different types of cookies
  11. Try 10 different types of cuisines


  1. Crochet
  2. Cross Stitch
  3. Knit
  4. make a scrapbook as a gift
  5. make a family scrapbook (completely!)
  6. Read an entire book series: Twilight ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Read a classic novel
  8. Read a NY best seller


  1. learn how to skip, hop & jump ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. learn to swim
  3. Play hopscotch
  4. Play horseshoes
  5. Play basketball
  6. Play softball on a team
  7. Ice skating (as an adult)
  8. Go horseback riding (as an adult)
  9. Go sledding
  10. Go skiing
  11. Snorkel
  12. Run a 5k (in the time required)
  13. Run a half marathonย  (in the time required)
  14. Have a personal best in running
  15. Run a marathon (in the time required)
  16. Compete in a Duathon
  17. Conquer my fear of deep water
  18. Go bowling
  19. Play a game of Frisbee
  20. Play a game of darts
  21. Play a game of pool
  22. Become a black belt in a martial art
  23. Fight in a suprervised fight such as a competition
  24. Get surgery
  25. Break a bone
  26. Take a fitness class
  27. Take a yoga class
  28. Reach goal weight and maintain for 1 year+
  29. Live to be 100

Skills (non fitness)

  1. milk a cow
  2. learn to whistle
  3. read music
  4. get my drivers license
  5. learn another language – fluently
  6. learn how to play chess – not just fudge through it
  7. Change a tire
  8. learn how to dance more than 10 styles of dance:
  9. learn sign language (more than just 30 phrases/words)
  10. learn to play poker
  11. learn to sew (free hand)
  12. learn to sew (machine) – WELL
  13. grow a garden (as an adult; childhood doesn’t count on this one)
  14. learn to use chop sticks
  15. learn to fly a plane (or take at least one class)


  1. Donate to charity
  2. Own a credit card
  3. Cut a credit card
  4. Own a telescope
  5. own a SUV
  6. own a hybrid car
  7. own a flat screen TV
  8. own diamond earrings
  9. have housekeeping service on a regular basis
  10. save up $10k in emergency funds (not just regular savings)
  11. go on a shopping spree with more than $1000 (for myself)

Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Help someone who’s car is otherwise unable to move/broken down
  2. volunteer in a soup kitchen
  3. donate clothes to chairty
  4. read to folks in a nursing home (as an adult)

Feats of intelligence

  1. be smarter than a 5th grader
  2. solve the Rubik’s cube
  3. Complete the Sunday NY Times Crossword Puzzle

Beauty/Self Preservation

  1. Dye hair
  2. Get a Facial
  3. Get a Manicure
  4. Get a pedicure
  5. Go to a SPA for the weekend
  6. Lie in bed for an entire day
  7. Enter a beauty pageant as an adult
  8. Take ballet as an adult

Family, Home & Friends

Significant Other

  1. Grow old with somebody


  1. Own a dog
  2. Own a cat
  3. Own a hamster
  4. Own a turtle
  5. Own a fish


  1. become a parent
  2. have a son
  3. have a daughter
  4. adopt
  5. See my children graduate high school (1 out of 4)
  6. See my children graduate college
  7. Become a grandmother


  1. Rent a house/apartment
  2. Own a home
  3. Have a garage sale
  4. Have a wall full of photos
  5. Have a relaxation spot in or outside of my home

General Family

  1. have a photo of every living member of family within 2 generations (not together)
  2. Create a bound family tree with stories as available
  3. Complete a photo (for as much as I can) family tree
  4. Research and discover family crests if they exist

Social Requests

  1. Be part of a wedding – officiant
  2. Be part of a wedding – maid of honor or bridesmaid
  3. Be part of a group for fun: Bunco
  4. Be part of a group for a social purpose: Jaycee’s & PTA
  5. Be a god parent

For my friends

  1. throw a surprise party
  2. throw a baby shower
  3. surprise someone
  4. loan a friend money
  5. let a friend stay in my home
  6. go on a vacation with friends only: Patricia and I – BEACH ๐Ÿ˜€

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