About ME (who else?)

Hi! Well you must want to know more about me since you’ve clicked on this page.

My name is Angie (short for Angelia – NOT ANGELA). I was raised in rural North Carolina by my mom, grandmother and a few uncles. While it wasn’t a full blown farm… we did have many of the aspects a farm had… so for non farm folks – it was farm.

After high school I was pretty confused and finally made my way through life and now I live in suburban Central Florida. -halfway between Walt Disney World and Daytona Beach.

To pay the bills I am a manager for a small food manufacturer and oversee Accounting, IT and direct grocery sales.

To pay it forward I’m a mom of 4 wonderful children my oldest son, David is in high school. My middle son, Andrew (Andy) is in middle school. Gabriella called Ella for short; is in elementary school. Little Rosalie , “Rosie” is in preschool.

I also volunteer with each of the schools that my children attend as my work/child/social schedule allows.

So a little more to the back story… My sons father has a disorder called Osteogensis Imperfecta (brittle bone/OI) and sadly the boys have the same disorder. They overcome it but it has been cause for heartbreak.

Andy however is a special needs child on a few other levels… in addition to Osteogenesis Imperfecta he has dentiogenesis imperfecta, asthma, dyspraxia, hypotonia, sensory processing disorder and mild ADHD.

All the children have asthma but not to the degree that Andy suffers. David also has OI but a very mild form of it. My youngest has the “scary peanut” allergy and pretty bad eczema.  Our calendar is just as full with therapy and doctors appointments as it is fun stuff.

With all of the above… I’m trying to maintain a bit of “self” in the mix. I love to dance, run, sing, read, nature, sew, cook and pretty much anything as long as it doesn’t involve swimming. (HUGE FEAR OF DEEP WATER!) I’m trying to become “healthy” as weight has been an issue for me ever since I moved away from the rural NC. About a ten years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and a small tumor on my pituitary gland due to hormonal imbalance… but working on overcoming all of that too!

Always working on a “bucket list of sorts” and working on finding out who I am and attempting  to maintain a healthy relationship with my husband so when the kids are gone… we still have something to talk about.

If you have questions… just ask!


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