Meal Plan 1/19-1/23

My schedule is just insane this year. Blogging is tough – so rather than a nice long blog to explain what I’ve been doing here… here the quickie update.

Completed Dopey; lost 35lbs; kids are insanely busy and it’s less than 3 months till i turn 40. So I’ve got 20 more lbs to lose; fitness goals to obtain and a few of my items from the 39 things before 40 list.

Best way to keep my sanity – lists and planning. So here I go – Paleo friendly meal plans – with low carb options to meet my personal nutrition goals. Not saying that how I eat is the best way to eat for everyone – because even within my family we have other nutrition needs that require higher carb contents… so adapt if you are interested to your own personal goals.

Monday: Big “A$$” Salad – nice blend of mixed greens and spinach topped with boiled eggs, avocado, ham, bacon, cucumber, onion, carrots and any other meat or veggies I feel like chopping.

Tuesday: Stir Fry x2: Curry Chicken Stir Fry & Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry – I will be preparing all of this in advance and placing in bags to dump and cook Tuesday evening.

Wednesday: Pork Tenderloin w/mango chutney & choice of potato. (Will make sweet potato fries for myself or some mashed potatoes for the kiddos)

Thursday: Bob Harper’s Spaghetti Squash

Friday: Chicken Salad

Miles so far for January:

week 1 – 17 miles

week 2 – 52 miles

week 3 – 10 miles

week 4 – ????? Start back to crossfit this week!


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