Gels, skirts and other decisions

As I’ve said before… I’ve never been much of an athlete; so to ensure my performance is acceptable I have been researching what athletes use/do during a half marathon.

Energy Gels

This has brought to me “energy gels” or “energy bars”. I’ve seen these in the local athletic stores before… but never given them any thought. The nutrition/energy issue had already crossed my mind due to the start time of the half marathon. I’m BIG on breakfast. If I do not have something – I crash early. So originally my plan was to bring a breakfast bar or something to eat while stretching and waiting for race time.

Energy gels however are a gel with a very thick consistency and it provides carbohydrates to the body. Energy gel is also referred to as endurance gel, sports gel, nutritional gel and carbohydrate gel. (source:

So to gel or not to gel? Whatever I use to boost my endurance – I want to try prior to the race. I requested a sample from Power Bar for their Power Bar Energy Gel Blasts. Hopefully they will arrive sooner than later; but I may head over to the local athletic store and pick up a couple different ones to see if I find any I like or if I feel they help in any way.

Bags, Belts – oh no not a fanny pack!

The next area of concern is how to carry things! I want to take a camera with me along the course. There will be photo ops along the way. We are given a themed disposable camera by Kodak;  so no worries for damage or harm by  taking my personal digital.

I’d like to take my cell phone or perhaps my son’s small “go phone type phone”.  I am nervous to take my iPhone as my husband’s iPhone died a horrible death when we were struck by monsoon type rains during the Everest Expedition 5k last fall. The reason I would like to take a phone is only because I don’t want to run for 13 miles then have to wander another 2-3 miles trying to find my family! While we have purchased them reserved seating at the finish line… who knows if we will actually be able to connect reasonably well.

This would mean I’m carrying a phone, camera, iPod (hopefully on an arm band – but mine broke!), bodybugg (again on arm band) and energy gel/bar?

I’ve looked into “fuel belts”. ( This should resolve the “bag” issue – but OMG really a fanny pack? Maybe I can hide it! Which brings me to my next topic….

Skirts, tutu’s and other attire

As my previous post – I purchased some lilac fairy wings to wear during the race. I plan to wear a long sleeve “toss away” shirt over my sports bra and my long running pants.  My next question is… do I go with a running skirt or a tutu? While tutu’s are cute and would be appropriate – I’m leaning toward a running skirt with compression shorts to aid in my running abilities. ( If I go the running skirt route however – the only thing that could hide the hideous belt would be a tshirt.

I will be posting more on attire as I continue my research on this. I’d like to have 2 good long run trails with “whatever” I end up choosing. Sunglasses are another question… hmmm – so much to ponder!

One last note on attire! Disney marathon folks pick up discarded clothing along the course and donate it to a local charity… glad to know this so I don’t feel as bad tossing my long sleeve shirt when needed!

Official Disney Race News

The Disney Princess Half Marathon Newsletter came out yesterday – waivers are now available for printing on the website (1/2 marahthon & 5k). They also announced there WILL NOT be an after party this year. That works for me as we already have reservations to party with the princesses in Epcot for lunch.


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