Oh why not return to blogging

Feeling like the beginning of the theme song from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air lately. 

I’ll save any of my readers now from the drama in my life and just focus on the future. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it all out soon enough.

So with all that being “not said” why am I returning to blogging.

Well I put on some weight; I’m going through some stuff and quite frankly I’m tired of feeling icky. So it’s time to do something about and I’m thinking maybe there are others out there in the same boat that may could benefit from reading. 

So here I go… picking the more successful items from prior weight loss and putting them to work. Only catch is this time it’s on a major tight budget. Time is still a concern; but I’m learning boundaries with others and tasks so that time for me is important. 

Day 1: 

Returning to the “Bulletproof Protocol” for 5 weeks. Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast & lunch then a reasonable paleo approved dinner. 

Going for 3 workouts a day: 

Mobility, weights & either crossfit style or running. 

May add a 4th for a dedicated core workout at some point 

At home crossfit style wod (workout of the day):

  1. 10 lunches each leg
  2. 10 push-ups
  3. 20 air squats
  4. 20 sit-ups 

REPEAT 3 times

Pigeon Pose, stretches for hips and shoulders


Kettle bell Workout:

  1. 12 Russian swings
  2. 10 squat rows
  3. 20 – 1 arm rows (10 each arm)

REPEAT 3 times

All that working out is great! But healing oneself is far beyond eating healthy and working out. 

Each day I need to work on decluttering my surroundings and healing my soul. 

Today I’m having coffee with a friend that recently had a baby. Spending time talking to others and strengthening friendships. I also plan to clean out my desk at work. Completely. Rid myself of garbage and continue to prepare that I no longer will be working for my previous employer. I also plan to smile, laugh, hug and show forms of affection to my kids and loved ones. Because they need this as much as I do. 

I’m working towards my future to do things today that will benefit my tomorrow. Getting out information to possible new opportunities!

This is my plan; even the best of plans do not workout but it’s my effort to build a platform to be successful. Fail to plan; plan to fail. 


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