Unplug or setting boundaries?

After my unplug vacation day I decided that I would stay away from social media and various forms of communication on the Internet for a week rather than just one day.

That week long stent of deciding to set boundaries with social media and other web communications ends this evening. I allowed my Facebook to collect the notifications so that I could see how many distractions there truly would have been to notify me & that I needed to see within that period of one week. I believe that this exercise has taught me that sometimes information can be too much and that I need to streamline my feed and set boundaries for the amount of social media and web communication that I allow into my life. This evening I will visit Facebook for the first time in a week & check all of the notifications that are left there for me and go through my likes; find the ones I really like and clean up the rest. Throughout the week of web blackout I did make a list of bloggers, people, items & groups that I did miss reading about and seeing through the week so that way I knew which ones I really did miss. If I didn’t l think of them within the last week then chances are I really didn’t need to see them in the first place.

I have noticeably felt more calm this week and have spent a lot of time organizing my own life and kept up with the things going on in my children’s lives.



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