Vacation Day to UNPLUG

Yesterday I went to a new day spa kinda far from me. It was about a 45-50 minute drive to Ormond Beach. The Day Spa was a quaint little spa along A1A shoreline. Amazing U Day Spa had a great package for a “day of indulgence”. It was exactly what I needed! Wednesday evening I looked at Facebook, Email and various other forms of social media and work related information and did not turn them on all day on Thursday. I am still Facebook free as of Friday afternoon- not sure how long I’ll let this go. Honestly I’m surprised how much it isn’t bothering me.

So at Amazing U Day Spa – I was treated to their Amazing Royalty treatment package. My skin felt so soft and still this morning looked amazing! It included their services of:
• Pure Amazing Facial
• Amazing Indulgence Massage
• Amazing Body Scrub
• Amazing Body Wrap (this is a mud wrap and very interesting)
• Manicure & Pedicure
• Shower
• Luncheon

The staff there were all very nice and polite. Everyone was calm and it made it very easy to fall asleep through most every service I enjoyed. I would totally recommend it to anyone I know. The location is perfect – you can step right across the street to the beach or drive down a bit to public access. Ormond Beach also allows cars on the beach for a small fee. The ocean can be so refreshing and just to stop and listen even for a few minutes can take so much stress away.


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