Time for a reset button

Trying to get back to basics on the way of eating and working out. Things have been so hectic over the past year really and nothing seems to be slowing down any time soon. So my epic husband did some due diligence and found Jeremy Mullins (CrossFit name drop) has an Ebook called “Plan Ahead Paleo”. It’s very similar to what I do on my own when we are on a challenge. The thing is – when the challenges are gone…. I seem to just fall off. I am tired of the effort it takes to feed 6-7 people daily a wholesome healthy meal. That probably makes me sound like an awful parent – but it’s true. The whole reason people buy McDonald’s or even deli food in the local grocery store is because it’s EASY!

What this book does however – it give you a meal plan. Now you still need to figure out how much to make on a per person basis… but it tells you “today eat this” “tomorrow eat that”. Now going back to the idea of sometimes it’s just not living being on a diet all the time. We purchased a calendar to help with the meal planning. If there is a life event there that is important. NO following the plan that day. All within reason of course. 80/20 rule will be our guide.

Sure hope this works; health issues are starting to creep back up!


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