Weight loss & Patience!

I found myself this morning questioning my current weight loss efforts. Tired of the weight loss grind… Thinking there must be a faster way. I am certain many overweight people struggle with this thought from time to time.

Fact remains if I try to go to fast; the results will leave just as fast as they came. I know this but why did I still read about fast weight loss? I am bored! Yep bored with weight loss… I don’t want to have to loose 50-55 more pounds because I know it could take another year! Who could blame me?

Numbers!!!! Evil numbers!!! What stopped me to write this blog instead of continuing to look up how to lose 50lbs in just 3 months? Lol honestly integrity… How can I tell someone that asks me “so how’d ya do it?” and feel good about myself unless it was anything other than diet, exercise, hard work and dedication.

I see all the ads on TV for weight watchers & nutrisystem. Things on FB for “body by vi”. Commercials on the radio for “health-e trim”. Oooodles of emails from Atkins, south beach diet, and many others. Fact remains while I follow Paleo… It is a wholesome basic diet/foods that makes sense. Even tho I do crossfit… It is functional exercise that works in a time frame for my family. Take away the names and it is basic diet and exercise. No magic pill, shake or name is going to make me healthy.

The goal is health… Weight loss is just a side effect. Patience and the weight will come off. Keep doing what I am doing 🙂 it has worked so far!


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