Celebrate your successes

This past week at our Crossfit box – Crossfit Lake Mary… many people achieved a great deal of success. Sometimes others success will make a person look down on themselves because they cannot do the same thing; however we forget to celebrate our own successes!

Sure one person may be getting a kipping pull up (example: my husband) yet I still can’t do 10 banded pull ups in a row. WAIT A MINUTE – I used the word “can’t”! One of the biggest things I learned from the Goal Setting Seminar (post still in the works from that) was I have to change my negative self talk. What about all the things I can do? My crossfit coach was just speaking about this very thing on Saturday – so I decided to make a small post about my successes!

April 27th I started Crossfit. I’ve taken 1 week off for vacation & 1 week off during the Christmas holiday. Other than those 2 weeks I have consistently been to crossfit 5-6 days a week EACH week since I began.

When I started crossfit; I could not do any pull ups at all. I rowed every workout – didn’t run at all. My push ups were quite the joke and from my knees. Sit ups hurt and I couldn’t even go all the way up because my tummy was in the way. Sure – I had just had a baby #4 only 4-5 months prior; keep in mind I walked into crossfit 100lbs over weight; BUT THESE ARE EXCUSES. I had lost 15 pounds on my own since the beginning of 2011 prior to crossfit through some walking, diet and breastfeeding – HOWEVER the reality was that I was very unhealthy and my cardio was at an all time low. I avoided social interactions when I could make the excuses. Excuses were easy – everything else was hard. I was so sad but I had excuses for that too!

So what are my successes? I’m 70lbs lighter than I was around this time last year. I am eating better – whole nutritionally dense foods (YAY PALEO!). I am doing 5-8 banded pullups in a row with a black band – no more body rows on the rings for me!. I’m doing pushups from my toes – consistently in every workout (WOD). I make up time now on sit ups during WODs – because I can fly through them… no more belly in my way! There is still belly there – but give me time; it’ll be gone too! Running – omg I’m actually running. Sure I may not be the fastest – but I am faster than the me that started crossfit almost 9 months ago. Jumping more than 12 inches – I’m still terrified of the box – but I’m jumping the height; the box will come! Finally – my squatting is awesome – lol until I put weight overhead (but that will improve too!)

Here I am happy with where I’ve come. I went from a size 20 to a size 8 in 9 months. Yes I cannot lose focus of my journey and goals – but I cannot beat myself up everyday about what I cannot do. Rather than saying I can’t. Make a goal – be realistic and positive about that goal. If it is something you really want to do – you will get there. Be patient and celebrate every success along the way. Good luck and celebrate YOU!


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