Look for some updates

I’m working on 2 blog posts that are waaaay overdue.

#1 is a review of the Nutrition Seminar I attended last September. My thoughts are – so many people are trying to stick to new years resolutions of weight loss; etc… I really should share my notes and input from that seminar. Ya never know it may help one person.


#2 a review from the Crossfit Goals Setting Trainer course from December. There are some great points from the seminar; however I have some criticism too. I will detail as much as I can.


As far as general updates go; I’m back on the paleo wagon full force. Already lower than the last Paleo Challenge weight – which is awesome. Trying to sort out all my goals this year as I have a tendency to become ADHD with goals. 40-45lbs to go in my journey. That’s a good place to be! 2012 is going to be a year of healing. Healing everything… physical, emotional, financial – etc…  I’ll share as much as I’m comfortable with as I can get it in a blog.

Finally, half marathons! Getting back on the half marathon kick that inspired me to lose weight before baby #4. 1st half marathon this year is 3 weeks from today! So excited :). I truly hope to document as it happens 🙂

Hope 2012 is full of awesomeness for anyone that happens to pass by my little corner of the web!


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