Random Acts of Kindess – Coming to a Workplace Near ME :)

I made some “random acts of kindness cards” today…

This is what they say:

“Today is the first of the last 12 full working days of Christmas with all employees in the building.  I have been so touched by stories of random acts of kindness I decided to pay it forward by doing something nice for the folks I spend more time with than my own family everyday. So for the next 12 days look for something… you never know where you may find it!  I only ask is that you pay it forward to someone else, anyone else you choose with a random act of kindness! It doesn’t have to cost you anything. ~Angie”

I have purchased some little $1 lotto scratch off cards to place with the RAOK cards I made to attach to the employees time cards here at work. I’m pretty excited about my little project I decided to do. Just waiting for all the people to leave; so I can sneak them on the time cards so they are in place first thing in the morning for all to find!


So – RAOK Day 1 of 12 – Lotto Cards 🙂 I hope it brightens their day in the morning!

Working on Day 2 of 12!


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