2nd Paleo Challenge almost over – blogging has had no time!

This challenge, I have had no time in the evenings to sit down and reflect how things were going. Our challenge thru our gym this time required 8 hours of sleep. That is something I typically do not do as no matter what I try; I wake up at 7 hours. So I’ve had to force that extra hour in which took away my computer/blogging time.

So where are we? Well the kids completed their 25 day Paleo Challenge with great success. Our 4 year old learned that McDonald’s is NOT good food. Our 10 year old took his lunch everyday knowing he was eating healthy even tho classmates made fun of him and our 13 year old dropped 8 lbs and 2 pants sizes and has had many of his friends say he needs a new nickname that he’s not “stubby” anymore. The nickname was one his friends gave him because he’s so short and was stubby to boot.

My husband and I have a little less than a week on our diet challenge. We’ve done well. No cheating and we have both dropped more weight this challenge even with a week to go than we did our last challenge. Pant size changes have been more of a reality for me this attempt which was nice to see.

I hope after the challenge I can sit down and document our food for any readers/friends that may want to try the same thing. I was very meticulous in my documentation this time. We also eliminated ALL dairy and did not use any honey for the adults; we only introduced honey to the kids the last 12 days of their challenge. We have also done this challenge DRY. No alcohol of any sorts. Finally I have personally done this challenge without desserts of any kind including no dark chocolate. I will be very curious how this works out this time.

So what are we eating this week? Well it’s a busy week for us… our of 5 week nights we’ll be home late 3 of them. So that means either cook ahead recipes or crockpot recipes. I thought I’d take a moment to share 2 of the crockpot recipes we’ll be eating this week as a “peek” inside what we’re having 🙂



As you can tell we LOVE bacon! I think next challenge; we’ll have to see if I can slack off the bacon some too! We use the nitrate free Applegate Sunday Bacon. This bacon can be very expensive but we find it at BJs Wholesale club; 3 packs for 9.99… they aren’t pound size packages.


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