Paleo Challenge has once again begun!

OK for any random folks that find my blog…

What is Paleo? I cannot do it any better justice than Robb Wolfe, author of “The Paleo Solution”.

In short – going back to the hunter/gather idea of eating. Cleaning out the processed stuff and in this modern world attempt to give our body what it best uses for fuel.

What is a Paleo Challenge? Typically organized by CrossFit gyms around the world; Crossfit subscribes to the Paleo approved foods for nutrition. Give yourself 30 days and you’ll see the results. Weight loss or Weight gain depending on what your body needs. Improved body fat % and overall increased performance.

My local gym, Crossfit Lake Mary is conducting a Paleo Challenge that begins today! All week we’ve been pushing ourselves for some benchmark workouts (WODs) to measure our performance at the end of the 30 days. It isn’t just about losing weight – it’s improving your overall health.

So how do you get started on Paleo? I go back to Robb Wolfe. His website has a brief “get started” guide that is easy for anyone to follow.

Now enough of the explaining – lets get down to the challenge! Last challenge I lost 11lbs and 5% of body fat. I hope to do even better this go round! I attended the Jeremy Mullins Nutrition Seminar (blog coming on that – it’s still in draft form) in hopes to really nail down my nutrition. My husband and I decided we were bringing our kids in on the challenge  as well. Their Paleo Challenge started this past Monday and will end for them before Halloween.

I plan to document as much of the journey once again to see how different it may be this attempt. I personally still have a great amount of weight to lose and fitness to gain – so every little bit helps!

I’ll post recipes and things I learn via trial and error. I hope if you are looking to change your life – my blog can help you with that!

How does our 30 Day Paleo Challenge work? Every gym does a different scoring sheet… this is ours:

CrossfitLakeMary 30 Day Paleo/Fitness Challenge

Point system based. Overall LOWEST score wins.


  •  0 points for all Paleo Meals
  •  +1 point – for each NON Paleo item that you consume (so not non paleo meal – each non paleo item – meaning you could rack up 3 points in one meal if you ate 3 non paleo items)
  •  6 point MAX daily in this section


  •  0 points for 5+ WODs a week
  •  5 points for 4 WODs a week
  •  10 points for 3 WODs a week
  •  15 points for 2 WODs a week
  •  20 points for 1 or fewer WODs a week


  •  0 points for 8 +hours of sleep
  •  1 point for 7+ hours of sleep
  •  2 points for 6+ hours of sleep
  •  3 points for less than 6 hours of sleep

Bonus Points to earn (DAILY POINT SCORE)

  •  SUBTRACT ½ a point for every 0.5 (½oz) ounces per pound of bodyweight you drink.   (example: If you weigh 150lbs that would mean you could subtract ½ a point for every 75 ounces of water you drink. A little over 3 of the zephyrhills water bottles CFLM sells at the gym)
  •  SUBTRACT ½ a point for everyday you work on mobility other than daily warm up

Extra Deductions (DAILY POINT SCORE)

  •  1 point for NO POST WOD meal or shake within 45 minutes
  •  +10 points for missing a day in journal

End of Challenge Points to be Awarded based on Body Fat % loss

  • 0 points = 1st place (most body fat % lost)
  • 1 point  = 2nd place
  • 2 points = 3rd place
  • 3 points = 4th place
  • 4 points = 5th place
  • This continues based on number of participants

The hardest part for me is going to be the recovery section. Good luck to all participating.!


One thought on “Paleo Challenge has once again begun!

  1. Angie….you are AMAZING!! I’m proud and honored to be one of your fellow CrossFitters:) You are going to kick butt in this challenge. I admire your dedication and willingness to share!! You are the PALEO PRINCESS:) Love ya….Joan

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