Evil Cheat Day & Celebrations

May 14th was declared a cheat day by our crossfit gym. They were having a “box” competition and then an after party of sorts later in the evening. Since we are only allowed 2 cheat days during the Paleo Diet Challenge… we crammed them all into this day.

This was day 10 in the challenge. So for 9 days we have been eating pretty strict Paleo. We did have one banana earlier but learned banana not so good on Paleo and I did make a Paleo friendly cake with almond flour. Other than those “substitutes” everything has been dead on Robb Wolf’s book and guide for Paleo approved items.

My husband and I started our day much differently. He went to the box competition with a friend of ours and I went to breakfast with our 4 kids. For me it was kind of a “do over” Mother’s Day breakfast – with a breakfast item that I grew up on and just love. – GRAVY BISCUITS –

The kids and I ended up at Big Boy (Shoney’s) for breakfast. We had the breakfast buffet. I admit, I was scared to cheat this day. Being a low carber off and on for quite sometime (16 years); I know the havok that reintroducing bad carbs can have on me. Cramps, bloating, and sometimes quick exit of the food. So I went to the buffet after getting my 4 year old all set on her food and picked the following for my plate: Eggs, bacon (Paleo so far right?) and a gravy biscuit. I by passed the potatoes, corn nuggets; those just did not appeal to me. The smell was off. Normally I’d be all over both of them! I asked for a caffeine free diet coke and began to eat. Still nervous; it took me a little bit before I was eating the gravy biscuit. Eventually I took a bite. It tasted ok but not like I remembered it tasting before.

I finished the meal and didn’t go back for anything else. I only finished it because it was cheat day and I could have it – NOT because I wanted it after I ate some of it. Just a few minutes after eating the gravy biscuit I became flushed and my tummy started churning. I asked the kids to please finish what they had and if they wanted seconds to go get it quickly. I really was not sure how long I could continue to sit there as cramping began to really take over. Once the kids finished, I paid quickly and we went home. We piled out of the car and I could not get to the bathroom quick enough. Unfortunately both body exit areas were put to use and there went my breakfast. I think I liked my Paleo Mother’s Day breakfast MUCH better!

I was scared to eat anymore! I didn’t feel well for about an hour after and just kept drinking water.

Lunch was next. We weren’t even sure where we wanted to go. I knew we had spoke about getting skillet queso at Chili’s; so Chili’s is where we went.
We looked over the menu; typically it’s a battle to decide on what we want. We checked into foursquare and got our free chips and salsa. We decided no skillet queso and then set to task on what we would eat for lunch. There were several choices; I had suggested splitting a meal – but we ended up getting 2 separate meals instead. HUGE MISTAKE. We each got the tripple dipper platters with some of our favorite items on it and we decided we would share a little of each to get those tastes in.

Chips and salsa arrive and I thought the chips were horrid and the salsa too salty. I just couldn’t seem to eat them. I opted for no beer although a Blue Moon sounded yummy – I just didn’t want the extra wheat. Scott said I was making faces and it honestly felt it was all I could do to eat the appetizer. I stopped after 5 chips.

The food came… we had the following on our tripple dipper plates: Spinach & Artichoke dip, buffalo wings, burger bites, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks and loaded potato skins. This honestly would have been heaven for me before. All my favorite things with things to dip them in!

  • I took a bite of the mozzarella stick and wanted to puke. The oil in the cheese was just so disgusting. The marinara sauce tasted nothing like tomatoes and did not do the cheese any favors.
  • Next was a bit of the chicken tender in the honey mustard. I still liked the taste of the honey mustard sauce; however the chicken tasted rubbery and had no real flavor. Without the dipping sauce it would have been intolerable.
  • Ooooh my favorite item was next – LOADED BAKED POTATO… but what the heck? It wasn’t yummy either. I did enjoy the sour cream; but the potato itself was tough and the cheese was oily. So sad… this was becoming a nightmare! I didn’t enjoy any of it.
  • I opted for no wings – left those to Scott. Since we can have “Paleo Wings” on our diet – non breaded but seasoned wings… I thought it best to just pass on those.
  • The burger bite; had some flavor but I ended up removing the bun; it was just too much and took away from the burger taste.
  • Spinach & Artichoke dip was excellent. I loved the fresh tomatoes on top; but yet again the chips were horrible! I basically used the chip as a spoon.

We didn’t even get dessert. I drank water the entire time and was totally disappointed in our meal. I just don’t know where this will take us.

Dinner reservations were made later after confirming with our sitter for the evening at 8pm. We went to Stonewood Grill & Tavern. If you’ve never been – you should go. I would recommend this place over Ruth Chris Steakhouse anyday. Excellent food, service and not as pricey as Ruth Chris and better taste!

The afternoon leading up to dinner; we were not hungry, drank a lot of water and were contemplating skipping dinner! Lunch did not agree with us at all but we managed to keep it down. We couldn’t skip dinner as this evening was an early anniversary dinner and we only get so many cheat days! So were cramming every celebration into this one!

Upon arriving I again suggested we split a meal. Perhaps get an appetizer, split a meal and get an extra side dish to make sure we were full. That’s just what we did and were so happy for that! That meal did not seem to hurt us as bad.

We had a nice Malbec Red Blustery Wine called Alamos. Great flavor and complimented our meal well. For an appetizer we had the blue cheese chips; very thin sliced potatoes that were baked; not dripping in oil. Those were drizzled with balsamic vinegar and topped with blue cheese. The flavor was nice and not over powering. The appetizer was easy to digest and that was encouraging for our meal.

Our dinner choice was a 9ounce filet with garlic mashed potatoes and our extra side dish was creamed spinach. Stonewood has one of the best creamed spinach dishes I’ve ever had. We asked for this to be split; so we each had a small amount of the side dishes and a 4.5 ounce filet.

The potatoes were not heavy. I do not think that Stonewood uses a lot of oils in their potatoes. I think they use the garlic to assist with the creamy of the potato to make it yummy. The creamed spinach did not disappoint. We were full but not stuffed. The food was not heavy and cooked very well. Excellent dinner. (Thank goodness!)

We ended our evening at the gym’s “get together” at Liam Fitzpatrick’s Irish Pub. Good music and new friends 🙂 Nice evening for us without the kids. I think Stonewood will be our splurge meal of choice from here on out for as long as we are on the Paleo Journey.


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