Shepard’s Pie – Paleo Style

Most of the Paleo Shepard’s Pie recipes call for mashed cauliflower (regular pie – mashed potatoes). I decided to go with mashed sweet potato!

So here how I got started: (this was a partly cooked ahead meal)
2 sweet potatoes – wrapped in aluminum foil; baked at 400 for 50 minutes (until your fork can go thru the potato in the foil) These I baked on Monday and placed in the fridge to heat up for Thursday nights dinner.

Then I skinned them; just by peeling the skin away from the sweet potato, cut the ends off and mashed the rest.

Ground london broil that I had browned previous and left in the fridge. I added veggies and some organic beef broth. My veggies were peas, carrot and green beans. (Sorry Scott; I know you hate green beans and peas! but I love them) I heated the mixture together.

I took the sweet potatoes and made a round “bowl” out of them. Creating a cavity in the middle for the meat mixture to be placed allowing a “crust” be around it using the sweet potatoes.

Finally I put 2 ladles of the meat mixture in the middle and it was ready to go.

We thought it was pretty yummy πŸ™‚ even with the green beans and peas πŸ˜›


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