PCOS & Paleo

For my normal readers of this blog; you are aware that I suffer from PCOS. Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome. This is a hormonal disorder that can cause a lot of havok!

For me after the birth of our 4th child; I really took a crash on hormones! Acne was bad, skin tabs showed up every where, masculine hair growth became an issue & hair on my head loss was massive and receding. My mood was varied and I just felt horrible.

I was determined to try to continue breast feeding but after council with my doctor she said I was stuck until I was finished breastfeeding. After 5 months and the urging of my husband – I weaned our daughter and began to make the changes necessary to get my body back on track.

It was not my intention to do Paleo – however our gym had a challenge and I’m all about competition!

Today is day 8. I noticed yesterday that my hair is starting to grow back. This is after 3 weeks of crossfit and a week of Paleo. I’m very excited to see what other changes happen.

I did a little research and it turns out many women have “CURED” their PCOS by going on a PALEO DIET long term. Of course there are cheat days/meals – etc… but this gives me a little hope. I really hate the thought of having to go on any medication. I’d much rather fix this via diet & exercise.

See my baby hair growing back in!!!! How exciting 🙂
This is at my temple where a normal man would see receding first.


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