Burgers w/o sauce!

Dinner last night was a pretty amazing burger. I am a Pampered Chef nut.. so I use a lot of their tools (which save me time).

So I took some of the ground london broil that I purchased when Albertsons had it on sale for Buy 1 get 2 free and defrosted it.

Then I chopped some red onion, green onion and sliced some garlic cloves. (I used my pampered chef garlic slicer!)

I mixed the onions and garlic with the london broil and tossed some garlic peppercorn rub into the mix and tossed it all up to make a good patty.

From there I grilled it on our George Foreman grill. Once cooked to my liking (I don’t like a pink burger) – I then moved it over for toppings!

First up – avocado! Yummy! I spread some avocado over the top of the burger…

Next up was a slice of a juicy tomato

Finally some onions and bacon (chopped)



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