Smothered Chicken

We LOVE the Monterrey Chicken at Chili’s. That is awesome stuff! However no cheese, no barbeque sauce and you can basically make the same thing at home with some nice grilled veggies.

So this is how I started:
Grilled with olive oil the following:
->garlic cloves (peeled)
->peppers sliced – red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper & green bell pepper (you can get this in the fajitia mix that Albertson’s & Publix sells if you are lazy and don’t want to cut it yourself; or need a time saver)
->onions slices – red onion & white onion

I set the veggies to the side and then grilled up a chicken breast that I had first pounded thin. (always pound your chicken; it gives it a really nice flavor)

I seasoned the with a Garlic Peppercorn Dry Rub (the pampered chef kind doesn’t have sugar or preservatives) and grilled until juicy and done. Check with a thermometer if you are not experienced in grilling chicken in a pan to make sure it isn’t undercooked.

I placed a portion of the veggies on a plate and topped the chicken in the center. Then I cubed some tomato and sliced some green onion to top the chicken; just as you would see on the Monterrey Chicken at Chili’s.
*note – you can also top with bacon as they do; we just opted no bacon for this meal.

Here’s the final result:

Paleo friendly and yummy to boot!


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