Day 6 of Paleo

Doesn’t feel like day 6. Perhaps because I’ve followed Atkins/Low Carb for so many years of on again off again dieting. I’m really only giving up cheese and other dairy items. I can live without bread, pasta and rice; those aren’t staples for me.

Last night we had some left overs from previously made Paleo meals. I made the kids some yummy dinner that normally I think we would have gobbled down also! It had cheese on it!

After dinner I made a batch of brownies. The smell didn’t even tempt me at all. I guess I’m “in the zone” as far as will power goes. The one issue I have noticed that I am having is an addiction to crunchy Almond Butter. OMG – I could eat a jar a day!

Tonight I have to prepare some more food for the upcoming days. I’m thinking of the following:(but of course these are coming from my preplanned spreadsheet that I created prior to the challenge.)
->Paleo Smothered Chicken; this will be covered in onions, bacon, mushrooms, garlic and seasoning (probably pepper and oregano)
->Garlic & Peppercorn Pork Loin w/ veggies
->Paleo Shepards Pie – with sweet potatoes instead of mashed cauliflower

The reason I titled this post “Day 6 of Paleo”… someone in my 6:30am Crossfit class said – ugh Day 6 of Paleo. They were talking about how sluggish they felt. I don’t think I’m experiencing the same issues as others. I wonder if my body is just thankful for the process and moving along well. Who knows. I haven’t hit that burst of energy yet… but I’m not worried about it. It will all come šŸ™‚

On to day 7!


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