David’s tonsil emergency!

A little over a week ago David began complaining of a sore throat. We watched him over the weekend and decided to take him to the doctor Monday evening. He was tested for strep throat and it came back negative. We were told it was just a basic case of tonsillitis and the symptoms should go away.

David went to school on Tuesday but his symptoms became worse on Wednesday and we allowed him to stay home. Thursday he attempted school again, but came home in a decent amount of pain so we decided to go back to the doctor.

This visit on Thursday evening was not much different than the visit on Monday. This time he was tested for mononucleosis. Again the test came back negative. After further examination the doctor recommended we contact an Ear Nose & Throat Doctor (ENT) for possible surgery that may be needed due to the severity of the swollen tonsils David had.

Friday we allowed David to stay home again from school. 2nd day of missed school since this had started. By mid afternoon David was in so much pain he was in tears. Motrin would help the pain for a little while but by the evening, David was just in too much pain to wait for the ENT appointment the following week.

So we made arrangements for the other kids and I took David down to the local children’s hospital. Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. We arrive and they take us back and immediately begin asking why hadn’t he been given any antibiotic or why had surgery or a draining procedure not been recommended ASAP. Of course I could only provide what the doctor had suggested to us and that we had asked all those questions and they remained unanswered.

The doctors wanted to try to sedate David and drain him in the ER to give him relief as soon as possible. The sedation however did not relax David enough and the procedure failed.

We were placed in a room around 2:30am and were told at 7am that we were scheduled at Noon for surgery again to attempt to drain the abscess as it was too much risk for hemorrhage to do it now to remove his tonsils.

About 30 minutes after we were told that the surgery would be at noon; the nurse came in and said we were bumped up to 2nd in line due to how close the abscess was to his windpipe. She brought me a gown to dress David in and we were thinking we had about an hour before we would be going anywhere. However – there was a knock at the door! It was transport to take him immediately down for pre-op!

Wow! What a whirlwind morning! So we quickly changed David, allowed him a potty break and then whisked down to pre-op. David went back just before 10am for surgery and was out by 10:15. He was out of recovery and in his room by Noon.

The doctor said if he could swallow fine; he would be allowed to go home for recovery and should be able to attend school on Monday. He did very well and we were home by 4pm!

Where do we go from here? In 6 weeks he’ll be going back to have his tonsils removed. We have to make sure it is a time where he can sit at home for 2 weeks after the surgery. No travel, no activity, etc. Our followup with the ENT will be in 4 weeks to schedule everything.

Phew! He’s home now and feeling


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