What’s been going on for the last 3 months?

Gee time just gets away from you! I really need to blog more; it’s so therapeutic šŸ™‚

OK so here’s where we are – quick run down…
Full swing back to work, school, daycare and getting Rosalie on a good working schedule.
We ran the Disney Beauty & the Beast 5k Family Fun Run at the end of February… oy was that an eye opening event as far as my health was concerned.
David wrapped up cross country for the season.

Ella’s birthday & birthday party. We had a fairy garden birthday party at home for her. Oodles of fun with crafts and fairy wings šŸ™‚
Andy spent his 4 day/3 nights at the children’s hospital for his treatment related to his bone disorder.
Rosalie was checked out by the urologist again. One more visit and we should be all clear to confirm her belly button is good!
Scott began working on himself and making changes to improve things. (He was already perfect in my eyes… but I love him no matter what)
My company move FINALLY happened. It was so hectic for quite a few weeks; but eventually things will settle down.
While I was dealing with the move at work; Scott handled the kids over spring break. They all said they had fun… but who wouldn’t living in Central Florida?

This was a grumpy month for me. Don’t like this getting older crap. So yeah my birthday came and went. I kinda felt like Scott wanted to make a huge ordeal and quite honestly I wanted to hide. However many family members had so much going on – I almost felt like an afterthought as well.
Next year this will NOT be the case. I think if I’m in a better place; then everyone else will be too šŸ™‚
We visited a possible new school option for Andrew. Pace Brantley School for learning disabilities. The entire school was like a school for of Andy’s! We are working with a few folks to determine what we need to put in place to make this happen!
All the kids had checkups between the end of March & end of April. All were “good”; just gotta keep up the exercise and limit the sweets šŸ™‚
The boys seemed to survive FCAT (standardized testing); we won’t know the results for a bit tho.
Good Friday we took the boys only out to Universal Island’s of Adventure. Good stuff! Got to do a few rides and all had fun.
Andy had his last chorus concert of the year. Show tunes was the theme.
David did a project in spanish class on Gabriela Sabitini; that was an interesting endeavor; he’s finally asking for us to spell check.

My health however began to take additional turns for the worse. My hair loss and other PCOS symptoms were becoming quite noticeable. Breastmilk production became a stressful event as with my hormones being out of whack were causing issues. I ended up at the ER because of a boil caused by hormone issues related to the PCOS became so large I could not walk. Scott expressed his concern and encouraged me to do something about it. I began making changes with his help last week. This endeavor is about to take a new turn and I plan to blog about it each day; beginning Thursday. If I can’t blog EVERYDAY; I will do my best to blog when I can.

It has been very emotional for me to not be able to continue the breastfeeding with Rosalie. However, I realize a mommy that isn’t well… is not good for Rosalie or the other kids.

May & beyond:
So here I go; to get my health back on track AGAIN… for the last time. No more babies coming, no more excuses on my part, no more health issues to control my life.

Expedition Everest 5k Race is this Saturday night. We’re doing it this year with the boys. Exciting way to spend the night before mother’s day.

My couponing is continuing however we have not had regular paper delivery; so I’ve not been able to maintain Saving4Six as I’d like.

I’ve been assured by our paper carrier that this will be corrected and perhaps I can get back to that soon too!

We did not get to do the Expedition Everest 5k as a result of David’s Tonsil Emergency. We’re going to call to see if they will apply our race fees to next years race. šŸ™‚


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