“That’s so 80’s”

I went to the eye doc today for a new script of glasses and contacts. The optometrist was clearly younger than I. That didn’t bother me as long as I could see!

What took me by surprise was the following conversation:
Him: So you like the Acuvue2 contacts?
Me: yes, they’re fine – it’s what I’m used to
Him: You know, those are SO 80’s! Do you mind if we update you with a newer selection?
Me: Well, I’ve been wearing that kind since the 80s so I guess I’m due for a change.

Holy crap… “that’s so 80s?” really?!?!?! /sigh I’m getting old waaaay to fast. What’s wrong with the 80s anyways?


One thought on ““That’s so 80’s”

  1. Hehehe Just yesterday I had the “Classic Rewind” on in the car on XM Radio and I keep hearing songs from when I was a teen. They’re oldies now?!? I’m not sure but I think I find that disturbing…somehow…

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