“The Savings are coming, the savings are coming!”

The above title stolen from an episode of the Suite life with Zach & Cody and Disney show 🙂

I’ve begun my efforts to share savings that I’ve found; after purchases this weekend; I hope to begin to document grocery savings that we attempt. Please see blog called: www.saving4six.wordpress.com

A few other things I’d like to mention. We signed up for mint.com. This website is a free online financial program that assists with budgeting and goals. The website also has a mobile application and sends weekly updates to your email as well as alerts when you may be going over budget. This put into perspective where we are and where we would like to be. I would suggest if you do not have a good budgeting program – give this a try.

Today I hope to detail coupon, sale and buy one get something free matchups on my savings blog and create my plan of action.

I have realized however due to our large family it may be finally time to invest in a small deep freezer to take advantage of some of the meat deals. We are a low carb family – partly due to my medical issues of PCOS/and insulin intolerance… therefore, meat deals are very important to us and we need to stock up when we can. Our traditional refrigerator freezer size just does not lend to that with the efforts in storing frozen breastmilk too. I will post what I find on the freezer deals and what I finally end up with in the upcoming weeks.


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