Run Disney!

We are huge Disney fans in our family. LOVE LOVE LOVE living so close to Disney – while I personally miss North Carolina a great deal; the opportunity to have a castle in our backyard is lots of fun!

During the planning session that my husband and I had last weekend; we decided on a few road races to do this year. I had wanted to attempt the 2011 Princess Half Marathon again this year; but breastfeeding is more important right and now. With one still under 6 months old; I decided it wasn’t a good idea to attempt the half marathon and leak all over the course!

The road races we hope to do are the following:
Royal Family 5K – Saturday, 2/26/2011 (with all the kids – stroller division)
Expedition Everest 5k – Saturday, 5/7/2011 (with the boys in teams of 2; will have to get a sitter for the girls)
Mickey’s Halloween 5k – Friday, 9/30/2011 (with all the kids – stroller division)
Wine & Dine Half Marathon – Saturday, 10/1/2011 (will have to get a sitter for all the kids)
Bentley Elementary 5k (if this event is held again this year; we hope to participate… I was 8 months pregnant this past year and didn’t feel up to it)
Possibly a Turkey Trot 5k and a Candy Cane 5k run – but will look into those a little later this year.

We are registered for the Royal Family 5k… 47 days away. We better get running or this race will be tough!


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