2011 Planning session…

How many times do married couples say?.?.?. “we never have time to talk; so we never plan for this or talk about that”… Oy, we do all the time!

Today as painful as it could have ended up… we chatted; we didn’t make final decisions and we didn’t iron all the details – but we chatted and have some direction! YAY šŸ™‚

As previous blogged – this will direct us to several areas of blogging and 2011 radar items:
A) Weight loss, diet & health; etc.. Effective January 3rd (tomorrow)
B) Financial plans for 2011 and discussing possible purchases for the year; will be looking into mint.com for the app and desktop coordination
C) Princess Half Marathon discussion – yes going to try this in 2012; will goal toward Wine & Dine Half Marathon in October due to nursing/breastfeeding. We discussed 4 or 5 different 5k races to do; possibly Disney Royal Family 5k (w/stroller division), Expedition Everest Challenge with the boys; Mickey’s Halloween 5k (w/stroller division), Bentley Elementary 5k (uncertain on stroller use)… also possibly the Heart Walk Orlando in honor of a co-worker that passed suddenly from a heart attack in 2010 and maybe the Great Urban Race Orlando.
D) Decorating: discussed how to break up the purchases for decor and decorating efforts

Great talk! Now to get to work and make it happen!


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