A month later…

Wow – a month has past since my last blog and well – let me recap where I am!

I had posted: My Top 10 things I’d like to write about
1) Birth of our new bundle of joy (whenever she decides to arrive) She arrived later the same night of my post!

2) getting back on track for myself: weight loss, diet, health, breastfeeding and running Starting everything Monday, January 3rd!

3) getting finances back on track after Christmas – through savings and reducing grocery and other spending
ewwie Christmas was over budget! Soooo important for coupons now! I have a few apps and other items we may try to incorporate this year to see what changes can happen for the greater good

4) work! work! work! Changes going on and challenges with the endeavor We’ll our big move has been postponed till the end of January; so lots to blog about here 🙂

5) trying to become a princess again – Princess Half Marathon is in late February this year… pending when Rosalie arrives – will depend if I can attempt this again Stupid me forgot about breastfeeding! I can’t go 8 hours without pumping or nursing! From the time I left the hotel room and the time I was finished with the race; that was about 7-8 hours; so will be shooting for the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon and a few 5k’s along the way. Princess Half Marathon 2012 watch out!

6) Where my little ones are in life – They are all at transition points – how they are doing is something I’d like to touch on Well my oldest dipped into 2 scary things in the last month; more on this later… childhood is so precious it is very sad when innocence seems to disappear

7) new obsessions – Will I return to WoW? Couponing, Blogging, Running, what else?!?!? I haven’t figured out where WoW will fit in my life; couponing is almost a necessity with 4 kids, blogging and running may be my therapy – but I think a few more things may creep into this category as the year goes on

8 ) Decorating: New house and New office…. Haven’t made much progress on either due to my restrictions while preggo; this will change and should be documented!
Still not much progress; but will work on it!

9) Things I really have to get better at! Calling people, Updating family website, scheduling hmmm – I need to come up with a cool name for this

10) Embracing the last years of the 30s and making the most of it -and a plan for 40 and beyond! I’ve been reminded several times over the past 2 months how precious life is. I have known folks from 35-60 that have died or had near death experiences. I cannot forget how important my life and health is… because I have so much to look forward to if I just make the effort.

So a month later… My birth story for Rosalie Patricia
Date of Birth:Nov. 28, 2010
Original Due Date:Dec 19, 2010
Weeks Pregnant:37 weeks 0 days
Weight: 8lbs 0oz Height: 20 inches

Was told due to gestational diabetes and extra fluid that I may need a c-section. I asked numerous times to my doctor what was the medical reason and they told me size each time; although she was consistently smaller at each ultrasound than I had delivered before. She is my 4th.

So at my last appointment on 11/24; my doc and midwife said if I could get labor moving they would let me have a natural/vaginal delivery. I made thanksgiving dinner; went black friday shopping, dtd, made and ate labor cookies, walked, walked, had a nice spicy mexican dinner with my youngest daughter at my favorite restaurant… and labor just wouldn’t start.

Sunday… I was ready to give up; 11am I took castor oil; wasn’t bad at all. 5pm or so started with contractions.

I made dinner and brownies for my family and was still having contractions but didn’t think they were regular.
Finally around 8pm I was starting to get some stronger contractions and decided to lay down to see if they went away or if they had some rhythm. If I had an hours worth – I was going to go ahead and go to Labor & Delivery… at 8:52 my sis called to check on me. While I was telling her about my day – I felt a pop down there. I screamed and told her I had to go. I threw the phone (may have hit my husband with it – he hasn’t confirmed that) and ran to the bathroom.

Sure enough – what was left of my mucus plug was gone! So I knew what was coming next.

I told my husband, brother in law (who was there visiting for the weekend) and children that my water would probably break soon… so my husband was gathering his things while I was sat down to grab my shoes… just then as I sat down my water broke! 8:55pm

I tried to absorb as much of the water with towels and put something on to make it to the car without soaking the house along the way. As we’re driving to the hospital I call a close friend to head over to help with the kids along with my brother that was there.. and my husband says “Honey I don’t think we’ll have enough gas”. So he stops for a couple of gallons of gas – while I’m doing everything in my power not to want to push as the contractions are getting stronger.

We arrive at the hospital at 9:25pm. By the time they get me upstairs to the Labor & Delivery room… it is now 9:30pm. I keep apologizing to everyone for dripping water everywhere. The nurses laughed at me and said at least they know my water had broken! My husband trying the entire time to get me settled in with our bags and to get me dressed for delivery.

The lead nurse checks me at 9:30pm and says – you’re 8cm and I don’t think we’ll have time for anything. I reassured her that was not a problem because I wanted a natural birth (4 for 4!) and that I preferred breathing over medication. She asked if I could give her one more contraction to try to get an IV in just in case… so again- holding my legs closed to try to not want to push to give them time for the IV.

The lead nurse tells me well I don’t think your midwife is going to get here in time; so we’re going to get set up as if I have to deliver you myself… At this point; I could only respond with … “ok please tell me when I can push!”

The nurses were ready and told me as the contractions came just let them lead me to do what felt natural and remember to breath. My husband was telling me to breath too; Telling me that I could “do it”… well no choice at that point but to do it!

3 contractions later – and one big push; our daughter was born at 9:50p… delivered by the lead nurse. 🙂 55 minutes from the time my water broke! I remember looking up at my husband with the same sense of accomplishment as I had when we found each other after completing the half marathon just 9 months earlier.

She was a bit bruised because of how fast she flew out. Her APGARs were 9s and she’s already feeding like a champ! At her one month check up – she is already weighing 9lbs 12oz!


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