Off task again – but a top 10 list for my return

I’ve been keeping up with my food savings however most of my efforts lately have been trying to get our newest addition to the family to arrive.

So many things to write about and are on my mind; but time has not been kind to me.
My Top 10 things I’d like to write about
1) Birth of our new bundle of joy (whenever she decides to arrive)
2) getting back on track for myself: weight loss, diet, health, breastfeeding and running
3) getting finances back on track after Christmas – through savings and reducing grocery and other spending
4) work! work! work! Changes going on and challenges with the endeavor
5) trying to become a princess again – Princess Half Marathon is in late February this year… pending when Rosalie arrives – will depend if I can attempt this again
6) Where my little ones are in life – They are all at transition points – how they are doing is something I’d like to touch on
7) new obsessions – Will I return to WoW? Couponing, Blogging, Running, what else?!?!?
8 ) Decorating: New house and New office…. Haven’t made much progress on either due to my restrictions while preggo; this will change and should be documented!
9) Things I really have to get better at! Calling people, Updating family website, scheduling
10) Embracing the last years of the 30s and making the most of it -and a plan for 40 and beyond!

Hopefully all this will be fun reading for the new year to come 🙂


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