Grocery Savings Attempt 10/23/10

This was an interesting trip as most of it was for entertaining… so this led to some items I would not have purchased otherwise.

I made the most of it and tried to take advantage of whatever sales and coupons I possibly could… I will detail everything as is and list items at the end that I wouldn’t have purchased that led to the higher bill to get a good idea of how things could have turned out.

Gross Grocery Bill: 172.05
Great Deal Savings: 20.93
Promotional Savings: 7.43
Store Coupons: 60.79
Net Grocery Bill: 82.90
*received some bonus coupons – to be used at Publix later on…
Some of my favorite coupons here was 49cents for a dozen eggs and 49cents for an 8pack of hamburger buns; Of course the buy 1 get 2 free ribs helped a lot too!

Gross Grocery Bill: 99.38
Vendor Coupons: 5.05
Store Coupons: 5.00
Special Price Savings: 16.58
Net Grocery Bill: 72.75
*3.50 of the vendor coupons were received from Albertsons – YAY for competitor coupon usage 🙂

OK so for some story line on the purchases:
At Albertsons – we had planned to have several people over to watch the UFC fights. I decided to take advantage of the rib special that Albertsons had with the St Louis Style ribs for buy 1 get 2 free. I also had an additional rack left over from a previous special – so I was making 4 racks of ribs for our entertainment efforts.
Had I know last week we were going to be taking advantage of the rib special; I would have purchased more of the bogo sauce at Publix! However that wasn’t an option and my husband loves the Honey Mango sauce from World Harbor Pirates Booty Sauce. So that was 3.99 that I was not going to see any savings on. Everything else from Albertsons was reasonable on sale or I had a coupon to take advantage of and make worth my while for savings.

At Publix – I purchased some alcoholic beverages for our guests totaling 17.18 that would not have been a regular part of my grocery trip. This I will detail separately so that my regular grocery savings can be seen.

Gross Grocery Bill: 271.43
In Store Savings: 44.94
Coupons: 70.84
Net Grocery Bill: 155.65
only about 43% Savings this week

Dropping out the Alcohol and Special Sauce – $21.17; this would raise my savings this week to 46%

Stlll not as significant as I would like; but not bad considering so much of my shopping trip this weekend was driven to entertaining others 🙂

Deals of the week:
St Louis Style Ribs – $89.80 for $30.28; At Albertsons. The ribs were 7.99/lb – Publix had the same ribs on sale for 4.99/lb. Had I purchased the same amount of pounds at Publix the cost would have been 56.08… I truly came out well on this one!

Bogo True Value Bacon – 2lbs of bacon for 3.79; Bacon just isn’t this cheap!

I decided to try the McCormick Rosemary Chicken Seasoning Packet and the McCormick Apple Pork Chop Seasoning Packet; these would be used from the bogo chicken breast that I took advantage of this week and the buy 1 get 2 free pork chops the week before. The price was 2.19 per seasoning packet; a little higher than I would normally pay; but got a $2.00 coupon to be used on a future purchase that I used at Publix later in the day. So at the end of the day… 1.19 per seasoning packet… and trying something new!

Finally – I picked up a box of Aunt Jemima waffles to have for breakfast this weekend with our nephew in town. They were 1.00! Great deal savings of 1.29 off; the surprise was… there was a coupon inside of the box for $2.00 off 2 boxes in the future! WOOTAGE 🙂 Hoping I can snag some more waffles at a $1.00 and get 2 boxes for free 🙂


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