Grocery Savings attempt 10/17/10

So once again I planned an attack for grocery shopping this weekend. I didn’t get an opportunity to look for printable coupons. I think had I been able to do this prior – my savings could have been where I wanted it. This endeavor is getting harder to accomplish the further along I am in my pregnancy only because my endurance levels for hard core shopping seem to be diminishing!

Anyways here’s the effort:

Went to Walmart for a few items that are cheaper than most anywhere else. Didn’t have a whole lot of “receipt savings”… but did have a nice coupon for buy 3 get 3 free from Renuzit air fresheners.  They were .94 each at Walmart… so I got 6 of the gel solid air fresheners for 2.82 or $0.47/each. Not a bad deal. My grocery bill at Walmart was 20.76; and I had 2.82 in coupons. Axe body wash is 2.97 at Walmart; so it’s about a $1 cheaper than the regular grocery stores… but you don’t see that as a savings on your receipt. Not a lot to brag about here… so we’ll move on to stop #2.

Next up was Albertsons. Whenever they have a good buy and we need to stock up on meat… this place is a GODSEND on their 3 day sales. This week I took advantage of the buy 1 get 2 free assorted pork chops. My original goal was to get the center cut chops; but those were not available. I also took advantage of the buy one get one free pork ribs and 1.29/lb ground beef. My total net grocery bill was 70.77; I had 38.18 in coupons; 47.27 in other savings such as the “good deal or bogo savings”. For a total receipt savings of 85.45. I felt accomplished here – but still think I could have saved just a little more here had I done a bit more homework with printable coupons. I also splurged on one item that was 4.99 – without a coupon; so my savings could have been greater! I did have 2 awesome deals from this store that I will detail as my “DEAL of the week” below. This week there was a $5 off a $50 coupon available in the weekly mailer – so I did use this as part of my coupon savings.

Final stop on the grocery savings attempt was Publix… where as always shopping IS a pleasure 🙂
My net grocery bill here was 62.98. I had 22.20 in coupons and 29.11 in other savings (ie bogo); for a total savings of 51.31. While I really was hoping for a solid 50% savings this weekend…. I think I’ve made some pretty good strides in my efforts in cutting our grocery bill. I was lucky enough to have 2 of the Albertsons $5 off $50 purchase; so I used one at Albertsons and one at Publix as part of my coupon savings. My local Publix will take Albertsons competitor coupons.

Total spent: 154.51
Total saved: 139.58
$294.09 groceries obtained

Now for my deal of the week!
One of my sons just loves tic tac mints. Another loves mentos gum…. Both were on sale at Albertsons this week. Last month on I was able to print a coupon for $1.00 off 1 container of tic tac. I also had a clipped .75 manufacturers coupon of 1 containter of tic tac from my redplum/smartsource coupon collection.
Tic Tac is regularly 1.19 but on “great deal savings” for $1.00; or .19 savings at Albertsons.
2 tic tacs @ $1.00 each; 1.75 in coupons = 2 tic tac containers for a total of $0.25!

While that was a good deal… here’s where I was very proud of myself 🙂
Mentos Gum is usually 1.49/each at Albertsons. They were BOGO this week with Albertsons “great deal savings”.
I had printed in September – 2/$1.00 coupons off 1 – 15pc container of Mentos Gum. I also had clipped 2/$0.55 coupons off 1 – 15pc container of Mentos Gum.
There were 4 Mentos Gum in my grocery items; 1 coupon per item
1.49 each = 5.96 subtotoal
2 were bogo = -2.98
2/$1off coupons = -2.00
2/.55off coupons = -1.10
My cost…. oh wait! I made $0.12! It cost me nothing and I made $0.12 – WOOT!
Follow the math and you’ll see it works out 🙂

I would also like to mention I used my first “freebie” coupon this shopping trip. Thanks to the blogging mamas that I follow and to ALL YOU magazine for their “freebie” of the day. I received a coupon for a FREE 24 count of Advil. This I picked up at Publix and the cost on the shelf tag was 4.29; my cost? Free!

Hope you enjoyed reading my efforts on attempting this endeavor. With a family of 5 (almost 6) we’ve got to find savings somewhere!


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