So my daughter showed her “butt” at the doctor office…

Yep – that’s what I said! My little girl showed her “butt” at the doctor office today.

Oh – it wasn’t my little princess Ella who is 3 years old and has an attitude the size of Texas. It was my unborn feisty little Rosalie!

By now you must be thinking… no way! how could that be?!

Let me explain. So the nurse comes in, checks my vitals and then goes to check the heart beat of little miss Rosalie. The last appointment also proved this simple task to be difficult because each time the nurse tried, Rosalie would move or smack at the listening device.

Yet again today, Rosalie would not be still. Finally the nurse tried to move her around a bit and just as this was attempted… my tummy began to rise. A little butt was clearly in view! She showed her butt to the nurse instead of letting the nurse get the her heart beat. Eventually a good strong heart beat was obtained and Rosalie settled back down.

So let the family comments begin… because this type of behavior comes from all sides… I know you all want to claim her now!


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