So how much did dinner cost?

This is going to be interesting to figure out from time to time… but think I’ll give it a shot!

Last night we had cheesy hashbrown hamburger helper. Surprisingly – gluten free; but beyond that fed my family of 5 for less than $5 total and had left overs to boot!

How did I do it? Here we go…

This week Publix had hamburger helper on sale for 1.95 and BOGO. I purchased 6 boxes of hamburger helper; 3 of the cheesy hashbrown and 3 of the cheesy macaroni kind. I had 2 printable coupons for 75 cents off 3 boxes of hamburger helper… so this made each box around 73cents each total.(coupons from

Ground beef was on sale for 1.29/lb at Albertsons. I had a pack of just over a 1.5 lbs for $2.00

I used all 3 boxes of the cheesy hashbrown hamburger helper; 1.5lb package of ground beef; some milk, butter  and water to make the mixes. Grand total? 4.18 + incidental amounts for the milk/butter.


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