Nesting setting in?

Yep! Nesting is here…. I seem to be obsessed with trying to get the nursery done and fast. Every free moment I have (and not so free) I seem to be thinking of the nursery.

So what is left to be done?

  • Building the crib! It seems in our move the securing nuts for the crib have gone “MIA” and we need some replacement ones. We have ONE of them at least so we just need to take it to the local hardware store and find a suitable replacements.
  • Paint on the walls – this seems to be a never ending decision for me. I can’t decide what to paint anywhere in the house. Lots of options and am nervous to pick a final color
  • 1 nice set of linens for the crib. I found a “custom sewing service” that has work on both and She has a long list of references so I will probably use her. However now I have to pick out fabric. I’m going to have a matching twin comforter made for Ella as the girls will be sharing sleeping space. This requires shopping… and I mean shopping without 3 kiddos in tow!
  • Decor for the room… I’m going with a garden-ish fairy type theme. Ella is REALLY into Tinkerbell and I love butterflies; etc… so I’m going to use some of the items from Ella’s old room that I purchased from and accent it with some pixie dust 🙂
  • Curtains (may have them done with the custom sewing; can’t decide)
  • A nice center rug for the room to tie it all together
  • thinking of getting a girlie vanity/dresser for Ella as the current dresser is also a changing table and will become Rosalie’s

So priorities? Time wise… fabric and paint are a must! I need to give the lady doing the custom sewing at least 4 weeks lead time. Paint has to go up before furniture can be in final resting spots and additional decor on the walls. So that’s where I MUST start!


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