So much for summer

School ended, we had Andy’s epic birthday water balloon birthday bash of the century, lots of doctor appointments for the kids, camps, therapy.

Met my birth dad for the first time EVER. Found a whole new family in that endeavor.

Planning for baby – found out it’s a baby girl. Trying to buy a bigger home; trying to sell our home.

Then it happened…. summer was over. 1 week left and school starts back. 4.5 months till the new baby arrives. Time seriously feels like it’s is faster than the speed of light these days.

I’ve got away from so much this summer and I’m getting to a juncture in this current part of my life that I have to really work to keep my focus. I’ve not been blogging ,being careful with my diet or trying to keep up with my exercise. This pregnancy started out “ok” but is headed on a path that would make recovery that much more difficult.

I wanted to clean and purge this summer; haven’t done that – made excuses… sure part of those was just exhaustion… but that is partly due to my poor diet and lack of exercise! It all comes back to that for me. My strength/faith have not been where it should be and I have one week to get back on track. I’ll do what I can and continue to play catch up I suppose.

I’m not volunteering as much this year at the kids schools. This really saddens me a great deal. However, I really should look at it as a blessing so I can enjoy little Rosalie in the last months of my pregnancy and early months of her birth.

We’ll be moving (we hope) soon for our home and setting up what will be our home for quite sometime to come. Our goal is to reduce waste and get out of debt; become healthier and plan for our family to be on a strong course to happiness with the blessings we have. All of this will require some sacrifice and patience…. but the ultimate goal will be worth it.

This is much more of a serious post than I would normally put on wordpress. Typically I save this for my private live journal for the small audience that I trust. While I will be returning to live journal as well (and eventually completing the blog on the princess half marathon for earlier this year)…. I felt this was something that I could share with the entire world. A girl getting back on track. 40 is just 4.5 years away… so many goals – I have time to get there – just cannot lose focus along the way!


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