Next Quest: 12 year old Sleepover Birthday Party

First let me apologize for my lack of blogging; can’t get any readers if I don’t blog more often! Now for the real stuff!

My oldest son is turning 12 next week. We plan his birthday before his actual birthday as his little brothers birthday is less than 2 weeks after. Back to back birthday parties are just too much. A week break in between is much needed!

So this year I spoke to my oldest and asked him what could we do to celebrate and keep in “kinda inexpensive” this year. A sleepover is what we agreed upon.

I created in publisher an invite with directions to our home on the back.

Address and phone number removed to protect the somewhat innocent 😛

Printed the invites on some metallic paper so the white areas when printed would be silver and shiny. Gave my son the invites and told him to please invite 8 kids. (I gave him a few extra in case someone lost their invitation).

12 invitees later… the RSVPs came rolling in. At this point we are expecting 10 kids; 2 are not spending the night and 1 may or may not be spending the night.

I spoke to my son last night to confirm if he wanted a birthday cake or not…. at this age – you just never know and I do not want to embarrass him at all. He said he did – but did not know what kind.

The search began to find the perfect birthday cake for this function. I considered a movie themed cake as per the invitation theme; but decided that the birthday party would probably take a more video game related turn so a video game related cake might be better.

I found some amazing Mario cakes that are beyond my decorating ability and time that I have to put into the endeavor. A DS cake seemed some what easy enough but without fondant icing seemed a bit bulky to try to create. It wasn’t until I found Guitar Hero Cupcakes that I knew those had to be in the running for the final choice.

I sent my husband an email for a “boy opinion” and Guitar Hero Cupcakes won hands down. I even found a wordpress blogger that had put together a tutorial!

Pictures of my efforts will be yet to come!


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