Biggest Loser Recap 3/23/10

This season I did not feel I really identified with too many folks. I would say however the gray team is very inspiring. Their dedication to the process and lack of “game play” is refreshing!

Each week my husband and I make a point to watch the show. Some weeks we are sitting there with tears down our face; others we’re fired up over game play things. This week it was just so remarkable to see what they can do in just 10 weeks time.  Really inspirational to others to commit themselves for just a short period of time to try to really make a change in their life.

As for this weeks episode; it was “at  home” week – where the contestants go home for a week; complete a challenge and try to avoid all the temptations life has to offer and still lose weight. It seemed in most cases they did not have to “work” but some did have home duties they attended to as they were not just guests in their own homes.

Some of the contestants really did great losing 8-14 pounds. 8 pounds in a week at home? I’d love to see their bodybugg numbers for that week!

However, there were 2 contestants that really didn’t do anything spectacular. The red (blue) team contestant Lance was one of those and he really seemed to be at a disadvantage. The closest gym is over an hour a way and he seemed to not have quite the support system (although his wife was a former contestant too) that the other contestants had. The other contestant from the orange (blue) team Daris did not seem to really have his heart in it.  It looked as if he burned the social candle at both ends and even looked a little bloated as maybe he had too much diet soda or something. At least he finally got a date!

The challenge was to ride a stationary bike 26.2 miles. All the contestants completed the challenge in under 2 hours. I wonder if I could do the same?!?

So in the end the black team triumphed even with all the light folks and the blue team had to send someone home. For whatever the reason they chose to send Lance home over Daris. I dunno just seems more game play on that part than who put in effort. I guess I’ll just have to wait till next week to see if they let on anymore about the decision process on that one!

So to wrap up… what can I do in 10 weeks… what can you do in 10 weeks? Doesn’t have to be weight loss; but what could “change your life” sort to speak. Something to think about!


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