Efforts to keep kids active fail due to lazy YMCA counselor

In an effort to keep our children active and healthy we have found sports/activities to keep their interest peaked while providing an outlet for physical activity. Our youngest participates in dance class and soccer. Our middle son will pick up swimming in a couple of weeks in addition to the occupational therapy he receives. So this left our oldest son. Recently he participated cross country but was unable to commit to the track program at his school at this time. After looking around we found our local YMCA of which we are members offers programs to their club Y group for ages 5-11. However the ONLY program that allows 11 year olds in it and is after school/work hours is the run club that meets on Tuesdays. We thought we’d give it a shot.

Today I rushed afterwork to pick up my oldest son from middle school so he could attend his first evening of “run club” at the YMCA. We were running late and I asked him if he still wanted to at least check it out so we knew where we were to go and be better prepared for the following week.

Upon arriving at the YMCA I asked the front desk assistant where did the run club meet. She was uncertain so she looked up and informed us it met on the outside courts and gave us directions on how to get there. We saw no one on the outside courts and backtracked to where Club Y meets inside the building. We asked the counselor working with the kids and he acted as if he had no idea what I was talking about with regards to the run club. So I pointed out on the Club Y sheet in the Club Y room as to the existence of the run club and he informs me that the person over that wasn’t there.

So we backtrack to the front desk to inquire if perhaps just this week the run club was canceled and the young lady seemed puzzled and made a phone call and told us to return to the club Y room. So again to the club Y room we go to discover what happened to the run club. The very same counselor tells us “Well I guess I’m supposed to do the run club.”

At this point there are only 20 minutes left in what should be the scheduled time for run club; so I tell the young man that since there is so little time left we will just return at 5:30pm the following week to participate at the appropriate time in the appropriate place and for him to be ready.

WOW!!! I just cannot believe how that all happened! My oldest was crushed that he did not get to do some running. At least he’s excited about something and not just telling me “whatever” to everything I say! The front desk clerk went on to say that the counselor knew he was supposed to be conducting the run club but lets the kids play foosball or wii instead. I guess we’ll see what happens next week!


2 thoughts on “Efforts to keep kids active fail due to lazy YMCA counselor

  1. OMG I cannot believe it. How old is that counselor? He works at the YMCA and he lets the kids play Wii instead of doing something active?? That’s just riduclous… I bet next week someone else will be in charge of the run club. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

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