Butterflies or Fairies in my tummy?

Well I sure hope they are fairies to help me run!

Here we are; 2 weeks away from the race. Thursday “FINAL RACE INSTRUCTIONS” were posted. About a week ago the waivers were posted with bib numbers available.  At this point; I’m either ready or I’m not.

I’ve decided to really try to commit to a 2 week cleanse. I want to lay off the sodium and really get down the water. It’s very important to hydrate EARLY. You can’t expect to hydrate yourself adequately a day or two before the race. I’m going to make a few separate posts regarding “gear” and “preparations” leading up to the race.

The longest I’ve trained so far is 10 miles and that actually was a while back. I did 6 last weekend in one session; but I’ve totalled over 12 for 1 day from various times out on the road/treadmill. I really think I can do this; just I have to get some more time in before the race and stick to my plan!


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