Building Princess fit for a 1/2 Marathon!

All the things you wanted to know about being semi prepared for your first endurance race!

I will begin by saying  – it is NOT necessary to do all of this for a 5k. 5k’s in my opinion are too short to stress over. This would be anything over 8 miles. (So 5ks and 10ks you really should be ok without as much prep).

Gear is important. As a female – you need to make sure you are using a sports bra that works for you. Regardless if you are gifted in that area or not… the support is vital for long distances. For men; if you need one – then get one 🙂

DO NOT wear anything for the first time on race day!!! Practice at least 3 times or more in whatever your attire will be. Think about function over fashion. While for this race – fashion is ENCOURAGED… it’s 13.1 miles (21km).  At the Princess Half you will see full princess gown attire and those that will wear their traditional running gear. I am opting for somewhere in the middle.

So my personal base gear will consist of the following:

Sports Bra, Long Sleeve throw away shirt; Tech Skirt, Fairy wings, headband, thin running pants(running tights), running skirt, socks and shoes.

Potential gear:

a tiara – however due to the lack of my packing skills seems it would not happen.


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