Introduction to my past and the journey ahead

50 days until one of the most amazing weekends begins. This will be such a personal triumph for me and so many other women participating.

I decided to start a public blog regarding my preparations prior to the race.  I hope this is found by other women that may need inspiration to step out of their box and do something amazing.

My personal running history is limited. I was never an athletic girl growing up. My bus driver in junior high would even laugh at me when I would run home from my bus stop due to my inability to run properly.

As I got older the battle of my weight began and sometimes the weight won more that I would have liked it to. Just over a year ago I weighed 232lbs, was void of a period and diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. While many women have this – the scare for me was how many women in my family have struggled with problems in the reproductive system.  Some problems were considered mild but included ovarian and uterine cancer. My doctor also informed me that  I was borderline diabetic and that I could reduce and reverse some of the damage I had done to myself by losing weight. He told me to get through the holidays and start… so I did. 1 year later I am in the 170’s.  This year I hope to complete my weight loss journey but I’ve put a few other milestones I would like to accomplish as well.

Last year not only did I lose over 60 pounds but I completed my first 5k race within the time allowed. I wasn’t going to be the fastest… I just didn’t want to have to be put on a cart to the end. My husband and I competed in the Expedition Everest 5k @ Disney on September 26th, 2009.

This what quite the achievement for me (and my husband). I trained most of the summer; going to the YMCA or running within our neighborhood. It poured rain that evening. My husband’s iPhone fell to tragedy due to the monsoon like rains. However, I pushed through and triumphed in the end! I felt like I could do anything. I could do another 5k with no problem. Why not try for a half marathon?

It was at the Expo prior to the Expedition Everest Race that I saw the Disney Princess Half Marathon medal. The medal was all it took for me to decide that somehow I was going to make it happen. The Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend is the first full weekend in March. This is also the weekend after our daughter turns 3. So what better place to spend time at Disney! Plenty of time to train for a half marathon!

After the Everest Race – I seemed to struggle with food/diet. It was the holidays! Who wouldn’t? However, the race is fast approaching!!! So time is of the essence.

Today marks 50 days until the Princess Weekend begins. Friday we will be attending the Expo; Saturday our family will participate in the Royal Family 5k; Sunday I will be participating in the 1/2 Marathon. Am I scared? Am I nervous? A bit… but I want to prove to myself that I can do this. Perhaps I will be an inspiration to others that have similar health concerns as I. Perhaps it will just be a message to all working mothers/wives that you can take time for yourself and be your own champion. In the end – I just want to prove to myself that no matter how slow I go – I can finish!

50 days to go – then it’s time to claim my castle!

So much preparation to do! But I’m worth it!


One thought on “Introduction to my past and the journey ahead

  1. This is all very exciting and I’ll be sending you positive vibes! I know you can do it and you’ll feel so much satisfaction for completing the 1/2 marathon that you’ll be walking on air. 🙂 Almost like…a fairy princess!

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